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High Calorie Diet and Carnation Instant Breakfast

Most kids love full fat yogurt. You can try the fruit/yogurt drinks with .... I stopped the formula and tried Soy and rice milk and I added the Gerber ...

What Kind of Milk Should I Give My Toddler?

Compare the labels of those two and rice or almond milk and you'll see why I went with soy. We started with the full-fat version and are now on the 'light'. ...

Soy Milk

I don't use soy milk. But we avoid cow milk, in favor of almond and rice milk. ... They just need fat for the brain, and a few vitamins that are in the milk she can ... Also, the Full Circle brand at Lowe's is good. Good luck! Helpful? ...

Not a Whole Milk Drinker

I use Almond milk for baking/cooking/cereal. I don't use soy because large ... likes it better and then make sure that she gets full fat yogurt and cheese everyday. ..... Will she drink a lower-fat milk? You may just need to look for ...

Dairy Allergy?

soy milk in 6 answers "I switched to giving him soy milk (which I was told was .... developing brains and for their skin) unless they drink full fat milk. ...

Anyone Substitute Goat's Milk Yogurt for Babies First Yogurt?

Now that he is almost three he also enjoys organic, raw, full fat cow's milk and tells me when I pour him a glass "Milk is so ... Breast Milk to Soy Milk ...

What to Give a 1 Year Old to Drink?

Please research soy milk, it is not good for the boys.As long as your son has yougart and cheese(full fat) he should be just fine.He just needs fat for the ...

I Can't Get My 16 Month Old to Drink Milk

Maybe hed like fortified rice milk or something Soy milk is full of .... we used soy milk I see where the doctor is concerned especially for the fat intake ...

What to Feed My 15 Month Old with Possible Milk Allergy...

I am worried about her getting enough fat and healthy food. ..... Cashews are full of good fats, too. This will go well on cereal. ... soy is not always tolerated well by babies. RIce milk is great, try to get "unsweetened", ...

My 16 Month Old Son Is Waking up Every Night Around 2 or 3 a.m. Crying

i just started feeding him soy milk since the pediatrician had recommended full fat milk (he's a bit slender but tall) i was feeding him that (organic) ...
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