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Healthy Snacks for My Toddler

Read all 17 responses: "I would love some ideas on healthy snacks for my 2 ... My daughter LOVEs fruit kabobs...I just cut up whatever we have on hand and ...

Healthy Snacks for Kids

Freeze dried fruit or veggies are also great snacks. They have them in the health food area of HEB. They are a little expensive, but my daughter loved them . ...

School Lunches

Sep 7, 2009 ... I send my son with snacks that I know hell eat and then worry about lunch when he gets home Pretzels cornbread fruitcut up and ready to eat ...

Snacks for 10 Month Old

Gerber Graduates has an excellent line of snacks for toddlers! Meat sticks, fruit and veggie puffs,fruit stips, even jarred fruit. Of course its Gerber so ...

Lunches for Daycare

what i would do is pack just over what you think he will eat like a 1/2 pb and j , a fruit cup, some carrots, fruit snacks and the juice/water/milk... see ...

My Daughter Wants to Snack All the Time

I say that as long as the snacks are healthy, it's fine. (ok, except for the Diego Fruit Snacks that I'm sure aren't the healthiest but that my son is ...

My 18 Month Old Will Not Eat Fruit or Veggies

Read all 9 responses: "Hi all, My little man will not take fruit or veg to ... Even at snacks you have to limit quantities of the good stuff or else they ...

Need Ideas: Pocket-Sized Snacks for 7-Yr-old with Hypoglycemia

My kids love fruit rollups, but they can be noisy as the cellophane crackles. Look in the granola bar aisle and you will find boxes with gummy fruit snacks, ...

Need More Ideas for "On the Go" Healthier Snacks...

What we have for snacks on the go are: any organic dried cereal, apple slice, grapes, strawberries, raisins, kashi bars, fruit bars, veggie and pirate booty ...

Snacks to Take on a Long Drive

Then of course things like apples, bannanas, fruit snacks, grapes, crackers/ animal crackers, raisins/yorgurt covered rasins etc etc are always good and not ...
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  • celery with peanut butter in 2 answers "... grain bread with hummus smeared on it -apples or celery with peanut butter ..."
  • spread peanut butter in 2 answers "... a piece of bread & flatten it out with my rolling pin. I spread peanut butter ..."
  • dried fruit and nuts in 2 answers "food and are dried fruit and nuts."
  • cream cheese and jelly in 2 answers "I packed her a cream cheese and jelly sandwich EVERY day."
  • high carb foods in 2 answers "... of the others mean well, but they suggested many high-glycemic high carb foods ..."