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My Daughter and Diareha

... yogurt fruit bars or anything with the hint of fruit It was a good day should I do the same thing tomorrow I understand that she needs fruit in her diet ...

Help with Constipated Baby!!!!!!

She will not eat fruit. So I give her lots of green beans and peas. .... You can also add mineral oil to her diet... we used to add it to yogurt or apple ...

Okay Ladies, I Have No Will Power over Sweets

Try sugar free pudding and ice cream treats. freeze some grapes, add more fruit into your diet. Your cravings are because you're missing some nutrition. ...

Post-delivery Issues 5 Months Later

Jun 3, 2009 ... I have fruit and fiber in my diet. Doc said this can be normal but I'm feeling skeptical about this. Is this a "normal" experience? ...

Painful Constipation During Pregnancy

Sep 21, 2009 ... How's her diet? Plenty of fresh fruit DAILY, especially fruit that contains water such as watermelon, and bananas are also a good source to ...

***REVISED*** Need Your Thoughts on "Potty" Type Issues!

Good luck and I hope it's just an overabundance of fruit in her diet. 1 mom found this helpful. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Preschooler with Reaction to Red Dye

But cotton candy DOES have red dye in it - alot of things do - fruit juices, ... I have talked with other people who have switched to the feingold diet and ...

Less Dairy Diet

She's a good fruit eater and some veggies but I just struggle for main ideas for breakfast, .... Definitely keep as much of that in her diet as possible. ...

Juices for a Toddler

(We do make sure she eats fruit everyday.) She gets plenty of sugar in her diet without us having to keep up with what she could be getting in sugary drinks ...

20 Month Old with Egg Allergy

Apr 26, 2009 ... I am trying to vary his diet since all he will eat is mac and cheese, fruit, some veggies and yogurt. He is not a big fan of meat but in the ...
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  • baby bifidus or chewable acidolphilus in 2 answers "I agree 200% with the advise to use Baby BIFIDUS or Chewable Acidolphilus."
  • 100 percent juice boxes in 2 answers "This is true as far as the 100% juice boxes are good .."
  • prunes or prune juice in 2 answers "... and bananas are also a good source to insure regularity, prunes/or prune juice ..."
  • white grape juice in 3 answers "I know that many people go with white grape juice because it is supposed to be softer ..."
  • avoid red dye in 2 answers "Basically you really have to try your hardest to avoid red dye all together."