frozen pipe

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Sell or Not to Sell Home

So within the course of 3 years, my home has flooded due to frozen pipes that broke, windows have cracked due to extreme cold, ceiling damage and cracking ...

Pregnant and My Digestive System Has Gone Crazy

Fresh, canned, frozen, all have done equally well. I like the dark, almost bitter chocolate and have noticed they ..... antioxidant foods · frozen pipes ...

High Levels of Lead in Babies Blood

What about your pipes? In the older homes, they used lead pipes for the water. ..... I would make spinach lasagna or buy it already frozen. ...

Christmas Gifts for Neighbors

D.N. asks from Pittsburgh

Hi everybody, I am looking for some ideas for nice inexpensive xmas gifts for my neighbors and friends. I am going to have surgery soon, and will be relying on them ...


In Need of a Good, Honest Plumber

M.G. asks from Denver

We live in Lafayette, Colorado and are in need of a good, ethical, honest plumber as we have a major leak in the kitchen. We've not hired a plumber before and wonder...


Advise on Storaing & Baking a Cake

A.C. asks from Fort Myers

Hello moms I want to bake a cake for my daughter B-day. I'm planning on using stawberry cake mix & chocolate frosting. I want to make it 2 days in advace with out fro...


Healthy Easy Dessert Recipes

S.W. asks from Harrisburg

Hey I have been waiting for everyone to send in dessert recipes. Summer is coming soon and all those picnics and covered dish dinners. So I am requesting for all of...


"Rain Forest" Theme Recipes for 1St Graders

P.W. asks from San Diego

My daughter's 1st grade class is going to have a "Rain Forest" party. Have been looking on the internet for ideas for different recipes. Some of the parents are goi...


Having Company with 4 Kids and Need Advice on How to Make the Visit Stressfree!

M.N. asks from Dallas

I have a 14 month old girl and have a friend from grade school, her husband, and their four daughers (ages 7 thru 2 months) coming to visit for a long weekend. Any a...


Homemade Birthday Gifts

J.R. asks from Kalamazoo

I am trying to come up with some ideas of birthday gifts I could make for my nephews' birthdays (ages 6 and 4). Not gifts that kids could make, something fun that I ...

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  • can buy a lead tester kit in 2 answers "You can buy a lead tester kit at the hardware store if you want to try to do some ..."
  • sugar free cool whip in 2 answers "... at the top of the glass, about a half inch, and pipe in Sugar-free Cool Whip."
  • had high levels of lead in 2 answers "... from the city to the house had never been replaced so we had high levels of lead."
  • kit at the hardware store in 2 answers "... from dishes (if you use ceramic, buy a simple test kit at the hardware store ..."
  • elevated levels of lead in 2 answers "I've had some experience with elevated levels of lead in my child's blood."