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Baby Coming soon...need Names!!!

C.T. asks from Richmond

hello all. I am nearing the end of my second and last pregnancy. My daughter, Zoe Noelle is true to her name which means "life". We do not know the sex of this nex...


I Have Been Getting a Lot of Negative Responces to Our Ideas 4 Baby Names :(

K.R. asks from Seattle

We REALLY like the name Rain & have been trying to incorporate it into our daughters name we tossed around variations of Rainy such as Rainy Sky & Rainy Days a...


Almost 37 Weeks Pregnant and We Still Have Not Picked a Name!

M.E. asks from Jacksonville

I will be 37 weeks pregnant on Thursday and my husband and I have still not picked a name! We are having a boy. We did not have this problem with our first 2 children...


Anyone with Ideas

H.R. asks from Dallas

I am having a little girl. I cant think of any names for her and its driving me crazy. I want something cute but not the same names everyone has. if anyone has a name...


Ainsley Too Weird???

S.P. asks from Kansas City

Hi fellow moms! I am pregnant with #3 and having a huge problem coming up with names for this surprise!! We love names that are kind of unique, and not too popular....


Baby Name Help!

P.G. asks from Killeen

Hi Ladies, Im looking for unique baby names. Boy or girl please help us out!


What Do You Think of This Baby Girl Name?

M.L. asks from Houston

Miette .. fora little girl, and how would you pronounce it when seen? It's supposed to sound like, "M ee - eh t ah", but I like it like me- et (et as in the sound o...


Picking a Baby Name!

A.C. asks from Cincinnati

Okay, I already typed this post once and then the computer deleted it. Arg! So, to retype the whole thing! Anyway, I recently posted a request for baby names. I w...


A Little Help with a Name.

K.I. asks from Muncie

Hi Moms, We recently found out that we are haveing a girl. We have had a name that we like for quite a while and are thinking of using it. The problem comes when I...


Help! We Still Don't Have a Name for Our Baby Girl.

S.C. asks from Seattle

So here's the latest list. Please tell me honestly if you like or hate any and why. Monica Jane Lucia Jane Madeline Jane Juliana Rose Natalie Jane Isabel Rose...

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