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8Yo Daughter Has Tummy Aches Every Night

K.W. asks from Boise

It has been probably 10 days since the stomach aches started. It will start hurting soon after eating, if not before she finishes her dinner. A couple times I thoug...


Handwriting Help

S.B. asks from Houston

My boys have ATROCIOUS handwriting (my daughter could use some tweaking as well). The 18yo's is at least readable but I'm surprised that my 11yo can even read what h...


Antepartum Depression

N.B. asks from Washington DC

My friend is 20 weeks pregnant and was feeling sad and depressed more than usual. She went to see her OB and they diagnosed her with antepartum depression and prescr...


Politics on MP, Paying for MP and If MP Went Away- What Do I Think?

A.H. asks from Omaha

I have liked the posts about politics on here to be honest. I like seeing a "real" cross-section of how actual voters are feeling and who they are 'rooting for'so to ...


Online Tools for Meal Planning and Calorie Intake?

S.B. asks from Denver

I know theres something out there that would help me better organize my meal planning and keeping track of my calories. Any moms out there have any websites to share...


Ideas on What to Do w/Kids During Summer Break

K.B. asks from Salt Lake City

I need some suggestions on things to do w/kids during their Summer break. I have a 6 yr old, 8 yr old and sometimes a 12 yr old w/us as well. Normally am not home w...


Does Anyone Know About Kosher Food

E.B. asks from Austin

My dd was just diagnosed with a severe sensitivity to casein, a milk protein, using IgG testing. So we're going to eliminate casein from her diet, which of course pr...


What Should I Do/not Do to Help My Mom Buddywhose Husband Is Leaving?

K.B. asks from Tulsa

I have only known her 5 months and her child takes a class with mine. He disappears for days at a time, but has made a decision which sounds to us like he wants a di...


Foods That Are Ok While on Diet

M.M. asks from Chicago

I am trying to lose weight and watching what I eat. I have cut down on white carbs and sugar. Also reduced portion size. I am sure there are lot of info available...


How to soothe eczema on a 13 months old baby?

P.C. asks from Charlotte

My 13 month old daughter has eczema on the back of one knee and on the tops of both feet near her toes. She is allergic to lanolin so can't use Eucerin cream, etc. ...

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