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Qwest vs Comcast

Plus I have sprint for cell phone. I pay $45 a month for 200 anytime, free nights and weekends starting at 7, plus unlimited text. ...

How to Cut Corners on Monthly Expenses

So we only use our cell for Verizon in-calling (free Verizon-Verizon minutes) and then the home phone for all other calls. Try to cut down on utility bills ...

How to control texting and mobile phone use for teens?

We also have a rule of from 6:00-8:30 it's family time so no cell phones for anyhone. Then she is free to use her phone until bed time. ...

Appropriate Punishment for Teen Son

Oct 11, 2009 ... He gets no more than two hours of free time, and that doesn't include games, .... We took our son's cell phone away for being disrespectful. ...

Question About Comcast for Telephone Provider?

Every feature is free. I have had vonage for over two years now and I love it. ... Like the way verizon cell phones work! Just a little bit of a hint. ...

Phone or Not?

The money you would spend on a cell phone and monthly plan could instead be ..... i have a few friends who got a free phone cause they get help from the ...

Open Gyms or Indoor Play Areas in Lees Summit Area

Paradise Park: Moms get in free on Mondays and they also have coupons on their .... games you play · link exchange · free web games · free cell phone games ...

Dental Work for Uninsured Mom????

And they also gave us a free cell phone and we get 250 cell phone minutes free each month which is a nice little bonus. Here is the number if you want to ...

Wow! Cable Bundles VS. AT&T Bundles-Which Do You Have and Why Do You like It?

Oct 31, 2009 ... Call me or email me and I can give you a free quote from all of the .... our cell phone is with AT&T but are paid for through the business. ...

Cool Phone - Besides the Iphone?

Nov 3, 2009 ... I really like my iPhone and there are so many free apps. ... Next question: What Cell Phone and Company Do You Use Specifically? ...
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