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Books on Puberty

G.W. asks from Las Vegas

I was wondering if anyone knows of any good educational books that explain puberty and/or sex? My daughter has already started maturing and is asking questions. I do...


Photo Books

L.A. asks from New York

Ladies - Can you recommend a good website for publishing photobooks? I am assembling a "baby's first year" type album and want to give them as christmas gifts to ...


Parenting Books

K.L. asks from Minneapolis

My daughter is only 6th months so I know in many ways I am getting ahead of myself but that is how I am! I would love to read some good, quality books on the how tos...


Books on Marriage

G.S. asks from Dallas

Hello Mommas! Do any of you have any good book recommendations on achieving and maintaining a strong, healthy marriage? Also, I need book recommendations on the ...


Downloadable or Low Cost

T.H. asks from Philadelphia

Hey Ladies. My son asked me to put funds on his google play account. He wants new books to read. But he shared that he pays $6 per download. Any cheaper suggestion...


Gulten Free

M.L. asks from Chicago

Does anyone go by a gulten(wheat)free diet? If so how is it going and what do you eat besides fruits and vegys? I also just found out in the expensive shampoo and con...


Gluten Free

J.L. asks from Los Angeles

So My dad was having some health issues and doc wants hime to eat gluten free for 6 mos. I know the bad news is there is gluten in A LOT of things but the good news i...



R.M. asks from St. Cloud

I am looking for history reading chapter stories for my 9 year old son. He is not to intrested in reading but if it is about history it grabs his attention. I never...


What Do You Do in Your "Free" Time?

L.L. asks from Rochester

I realize that's kind of a joke...who has free time...(laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc, do NOT COUNT!!!) So when you find a bit of time all to yourself, what do yo...


Gluten Free

L.A. asks from Dallas

I need help to put together a gluten free menu plan. I just found out that I am gluten intolerant. I am so tired that I can not even think of what to prepare to ea...

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