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When Did You Take Your Baby off of Formula?

1 year of baby formula, another 6 months on toddler formula, then vitamin D milk ... if it's a big deal go to WIC they give you free formula and food! ...

Acne/Rash From Soy Formula?

I too wonder why you went straight to soy and lactose free options. Unless your baby has difficulty with regular formula, you should just try regular ...

Place to Donate Baby Formula and Food in Collin County?

Place to Donate Baby Formula and Food in Collin County? I have five cans of formula that I got free as samples. My daughter used a different brand of ...

Soy Formula

I personally feel if your baby has no allergies to regular formula, to keep her on that before soy. Feel free to email me with any questions. ...

Seeking Advice on Infant Formula Brands

We have a 10 month old baby girl and I've used Baby's Only Organin dairy based formula since she was born. She has never had a problem with it, ever. ...

Non-dairy, Non-soy Food for an Infant Whose Mom Won't Breastfeed?

Most of my children could not have soy and reg milk based formula. We used the lactose free stuff. Another thing, if the baby just spits up alot it could be ...

Allergic Reaction to Formula

It was the only lactose free formula without corn syrup. He would scream all the time and have GI problems. It could be that or maybe an allergy to a baby ...

Formula Feeding My Baby, HELP!

We used kirkland formula with my daughter with no problems but my son needed a lactose free which they didn't make. If your baby has no problems with it, ...

Not a Formula Baby

We always used a lactose free formula, since my daughter broke out from the lactose and it .... Need Help with Deciding Which Formula Is Best for My Baby. ...

Enfamil Gentlease for a Gassy Baby?

I switched my baby to gentlease at 5 weeks and it ahs made a difference. ... i had 3 gassy babies and i swear by Enfamil Lactose Free formula and it is not ...
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  • costcos kirkland brand in 2 answers "I have heard Costco's Kirkland brand is the same and much cheaper."
  • why you went straight to soy in 2 answers "I too wonder why you went straight to soy and lactose free options."
  • also had breast surgery in 2 answers "... to not commit to anything until your baby tries it. I also had breast surgery ..."
  • goats milk formula in 2 answers "... gave me this link and at the end there is a recipe for the goat's milk formula ..."
  • see what works best in 2 answers "... as you can from the hospital and your pediatrician and see what works best."