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Blue Baby Poo

My 3.5 month old daughter recently started formula full-time, Nestle Good Start in the purple can. She has been pooping a blue/gray color ever since...has ...

Has Anyone Tried Enfamil Nutramigen Formula?

We decided to put him back on his Nestle Goodstart and we started giving him his .... My baby was throwing up gushers of formula & The only formula he held ...

How to remedy formula allergy on infant?

Her pediatrician switched her formula 6 times...finally the last time he told us to try good start soy. After a week of her being on the soy formula all her ...

Formula Feeding My Baby, HELP!

As for formula Carnation Goodstart was the best tolerated by my kids but every kid is different. Don't worry about not being able to breastfeed your child ...

Need Advice on Picking Formula

Nestle Good Start sounded like the formula of choice, so I tried it. She took the formula immediately, was a little gassy at the start but has no problems ...

Can You Mix Formula and Breastmilk

yes you can...i think the best one is Good Start Supreme Comfort's the closest to breast milk you can get w/ formula. Helpful? ...

Advice on Formula

I kept him on that formula for awhile, hoping that they would firm up, .... Hi T ., The Nestle Goodstart seemed to work best for both my girs (they both were ...

Formula to Milk

decreasing the amount of formula in 2 answers increase the amount of regular milk .... how much formula · start formula · formula good start · cow's milk ...

Can I Mix Soy & Milk Based Formula?

Our third child tolerated Good Start formula (which is partially hydrolyzed dairy) and tolerated occasional servings of yogurt without any noticable ...

Soy Formula

She is now completely formula fed as of last week and she is doing great! I did try to give her the milk-based Good Start, but she spit up a lot so we put ...
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  • costcos kirkland brand in 2 answers "I have heard Costco's Kirkland brand is the same and much cheaper."
  • mix breast milk and formula in 3 answers "I didn't mix breast milk and formula but I did mix formula and whole milk when I was ..."
  • good start supreme with iron in 2 answers "Hi M., I used Good Start Supreme with Iron to supplement my breast milk."
  • good start by carnation in 2 answers "I always had luck w/Good Start by Carnation!!!!I think the Whey protein did the trick ..."
  • can mix breast milk in 2 answers "You can mix breast milk with formula and I tried this with my baby but she hated the ..."