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Need Help Deciding What to Do About Finances

You do not want a foreclosure on your credit! .... There are millions of people who took out ARM loans and Subprime loans over the past few years and are ...

Seeking Advice on Real Estate Property

My husband's excellent credit got us the loans necessary to make the deal. .... Next question: Our Landlord Is in foreclosure..need Advice! ...

Debt Consolidation Anyone Done This Before ?

Many of those going into foreclosure today did just that! ... I would not recommend loans or anything like that unless you are doing to cut up your cards ...

Wanting to Buy a House, but How?

... first time home buyers. with so many people loosing homes to foreclosure, .... So many people are in trouble right now because they got loans that they ...

Real Estate Investing

With all the foreclosures available today I think it would be a great idea. ... that you can't access through a mortgage broker, such as construction loans. ...

Thinking of Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy- Need Advice!!

... with foreclosure (and a lender not willing to do a work-out plan). ... Have you tried a debt consolidation loan? I know Citi and a couple other banks ...

Debt Mediation

I tried to get a loan from the debt consolidation loan from..." ... This organization also provides foreclosure prevention assistance. ...


Some debts aren't even bankruptable, like federal student loans for example. .... If you are not current, foreclosure and repossession apply separate from ...

Debt Consolidation Is It Worth It/does It Work???

Sep 2, 2009 ... It didn't sound right to her, but he'd done several of her home loans for her, so she did what he said. Long story short, her house is in foreclosure and ...

Sister Wants to Borrow Money from Mom's Nest Egg

Maybe you can offer your sister a smaller loan, and think of it in these terms. ... People sign up and ask for loans, and private parties loan it to them. ...
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