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L.R. asks from Richmond

My daughter is 2 1/2 she started 3 year old preschool were I work. She cries all day and will not play with the other kids. She said i do not want to go to school. Sh...



B.J. asks from Boston

Can anyone recommend a preschool on the south shore? We currently live in Brockton but will hopefully be moving within the next year. My son is 2 1/2 but I hear tha...



V.S. asks from Dallas

I need some advice on Preschool. My son is turning 4 three days after he starts school. I'm not sure where to put him in. I want to put him in First United Methodist....



M.R. asks from Lakeland

I am confused with the process of preschool and how to get my 4yr old in a program, I down loaded a bunch of papers and it wanted copies of every one in my familys b...


Preschool or Not?

J.B. asks from Rapid City

My daughter is 3 years old and I'm debating sending her to preschool. I stay home with her, so it would be primarily for the socialization. We do educational activiti...


Preschool - Should I or Shouldn't I?

J.S. asks from Boston

I had assumed I would send my daughter to preschool next fall. She'll be 3 over the summer. So I've been researching and visiting a few in our area. But I'm starti...



T.R. asks from Lexington

Hello All, I am looking to get my four year old daughter in a preschool. I tried to get her in the program at the local Public Schools but we were turned down. Curr...


Preschool or Not?

J.T. asks from Los Angeles

Hi All you Awesome Moms! My son turned 5 on October 29 of this year so I decided to wait until Fall 2010 to start Kindergarten. I had hope to put him in Preschool t...



K.K. asks from Erie

My son's preschool conference was today. In general it was positive, he's meeting his acedemic and physical goals. The one negative comment was that he talks too mu...



T.C. asks from San Francisco

Hi ladies! So my soon will be 4 next month. He just started preschool.. First few days he was fine excited and even would tell me to leave! Today he told me he does...

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