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Camping with Kids

C.C. asks from Dallas

We're going on our first family camping trip with kids. My husband and I loved camping before kids, but since having them just haven't been able to go for one reason...


Sick Kids

Y.D. asks from Dallas

My neighbor (3 kids) and my kids (2 kids) are sick. Fever, sore throats, bad diarrhea, body aches, runny noses, and chest congestion. Normally we would push fluids an...


Kids Resales?????

C.M. asks from Cleveland

does anyone know of any KIDS RESALES coming up in the near future???? in the the area. west side cleveland / south cuyahoga


My Kids Are Just Being Kids

L.G. asks from Eugene

I do not know how to delete the last request i posted,help anyone? My kids are doing great! I try not to raise my voice at them or anyone else for that mader. I ...


When Do You Tell Your Kids?

E.K. asks from Fort Walton Beach

My question is when do you tell your kids the truth about Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, etc.? And what if they find out by accident? What is the ...


AD Kids

T.K. asks from Chicago

Has anyone ever had any experience with Ad Kids. I've received things in the mail from them and am curios to see what others have thought. ‘’


How Do You Bundle Your Kids Up?

C.R. asks from Kansas City

When taking the kids out to play in the snow, do you layer them up? My husband and I disagree if you should or not. We do not have snow suits for them, so they just h...


Nailpolish and Kids

M.A. asks from Chicago

I have the non toxic polish for my daughter (2). It never stays on for long. How unsafe is it to use adult nailpolish on kids??


My Kids Are Awesome.

Y.C. asks from Washington DC

Ok, don't jump on me too hard over this, mommas. But I'll admit I'm stirring the pot a little here. :) I just think my kids are better than all the other kids. Th...

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  • there was non toxic nail polish in 2 answers "I did not even realize there was non toxic nail polish."
  • regular nail polish on my girls in 2 answers "I have only used regular nail polish on my girls...they are 3 & 6."
  • avon high school in 2 answers "Saturday, September 20, 2008 Avon Preschool PTA Kids Kloset Avon High School, 37545 ..."
  • fleece pants in 3 answers "We use jeans or fleece pants with a pair or two of socks and rain boots."
  • graham crackers in 2 answers "Marshmallows, Hershey's chocolate bars, and graham crackers (and skewering sticks ..."