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Kids and Gum

K.H. asks from St. Louis

At what age did you allow your kids to start chewing gum?


Kids Haircut

S.R. asks from Los Angeles

Where is a good place to get a kids hair cut?


Vegetables and Kids

P.O. asks from Harrisburg

Which vegetables does your preschool and school age kids eat and like?


Kids Doing Their Own Laundry

J.S. asks from Seattle

Hi Moms :) I have two kids,a boy (12) and a girl (9). This past year I've tried to get them into doing their own laundry. This is something my own mom never made m...


Kids Bedroom

M.. asks from Appleton

Do you clean your kids bedrooms or are they responsible to clean it? My kids are 8 & 6 and I think they should be able to clean their rooms. However, it gets to the...


Kids and Snow

A.G. asks from Boston

How many of you have kids that have never seen snow? Never been to the ocean? Never climbed a mountain? Anything else I might be missing? And if this isn't somethin...


Bedtime for Kids

J.H. asks from St. Louis

What time do your kids go to bed? And, at what age? I have a 3 year old who likes to stay up late.


Kids and TMJ

P.O. asks from Harrisburg

Have you ever heard of kids having TMJ. My son seems to grind his teeth at night, what could be causing him to do that other than TMJ?


Kids That Hit

E.Q. asks from San Francisco

I have been having problems with other kids that bully mine. I have a 4 year old boy & a 20 month girl. For my daughter there s a little boy who takes her snacks and ...


What Are Your Kids Dressing up as?And Why?

S.R. asks from Minneapolis

Those of whose kids are dressing up for Halloween..what are your kids dressing up as ? My 18 month old boy is going(well I'm taking him) as Simba from Lion King. He l...

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