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Baby Name

I.R. asks from New York

hi everyone.. just wanna know is craig logan a nice baby name..? would like to name my baby that name.. what do you think..? thanks


Baby Wrap/Sling

S.D. asks from Salt Lake City

I'm having my third baby soon and would like to know what kind of wrap/sling works best for carrying the baby. Thanks!


Baby Asprin

N.I. asks from New York

Has anyone taken baby asprin while pregnant? If so, how much and when during the day? Did you start taking it before getting pregnant? Is it safe for the growing baby?


Baby Names

J.K. asks from Fayetteville

Does anyone have any ideas for neat or interesting baby names? Both male or female as the sex of the baby is not known as of yet.


Baby Names

C.K. asks from Indianapolis

What would be a good middle name for a baby boy named Maddox? Or a cute and unique baby girl name?


Baby Sling

J.M. asks from Wilmington

I am looking for a great baby sling. Does anyone have a reconmendation.


Baby Food

R.L. asks from San Francisco

is it to soon to introduce my 3 month old to baby food


Baby Wrap/slings/carrier

A.W. asks from Columbus

Do any of you have a favorite wrap you use? I have a sling but it hurts my shoulder and is difficult to get the baby into.


Baby Tooth

S.M. asks from Atlanta

I am 31 years old and I have a baby tooth in the front. It never did grow on it's own. What shall I do?

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  • wait until 4 6 months in 2 answers "yes! wait until 4-6 months to avoid allergies and alllow enough time for the infant ..."
  • arent ready to digest in 2 answers "Their tiny systems just aren't ready to digest anything but breastmilk or formula ..."
  • because it distributes the weight in 2 answers "I love them in particular because it distributes the weight evenly on your shoulders ..."
  • mei tai in 2 answers "I really love my Mei Tai sling."
  • mei tai in 2 answers "I got a mei tai for the same reasons, after first borrowing & trying out a sling from ..."