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Sleeping with Baby

T.C. asks from Tampa

Is it normal for a mother to fall asleep with her baby? Weither you are breastfeeding, or just fell asleep with your baby. Is that ok?


Baby Shower for Baby #2

S.T. asks from New York

Looking to see how many of you had another baby shower for baby #2. I have a 3 year old daugter and we have basically everything that a baby needed but, we just found...


Baby Bedding

N.P. asks from Mobile

I have been looking for baby bedding. I can't find any I absolutely love. I have stalked babies r us, nothing that I like. I don't want anything themed or babyish. I ...


California Baby

J.D. asks from Boise

Does anyone know anything about California Baby products? Or do you have any recommendations for natural baby products? I wouldn't mind trying some and I'm just not...


Baby Monitor

J.G. asks from Chicago

With my first two kids, my only requirement for a baby monitor was that it would work at a big distance --so I could do yardwork during baby's nap. Those monitors ar...


When to Fly with Baby

J.A. asks from Chicago

Wanting to know when is a good time to start flying places with a small baby? My baby is now six months old now.


Baby Shower

G.R. asks from Dallas

hello i am trowing a baby shower for my sister in law and is the first time a do a baby shower so i need some help with ideas what to do what to serve? thank you


Baby Gates

S.M. asks from Phoenix

I need to buy two baby gates I need to block my baby out of the kitchen. I am looking to get some used ones. I have looked in Craig's list but cannot find anything th...


Baby Monitor

J.W. asks from Chicago

I am expecting a baby and looking for a baby monitor. I would appreciate any suggestions on what brand, model is good. Is a LCD neccessary? thanks alot.


Baby Sling

J.D. asks from Dallas

I want to use a baby sling with my baby to be born in June. Do any of you have suggestions as to a brand. Have you used Hotslings? Good experience? Not so good? Th...

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  • someone wants to throw you a shower in 2 answers "... really up to your family and friends, if someone wants to throw you a shower ..."
  • burts bees in 4 answers "I also buy Burt's Bees Baby Bee Tear-Free Baby Wash/Shampoo."
  • mei tei in 2 answers "As my baby gets older I am going to try my hotsling again and also get a mei tei."
  • pottery barn in 4 answers "I was also going to suggest Pottery Barn, as well as Land of Nod."
  • very light sleeper in 2 answers "I became a very light sleeper and just about any little tiny noise or movement would ..."