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Hairline Fractures in Arm's and Elbows

My son is 6 and on Thursday he fell from the 4 1/2 foot chin up bar on the playground and ... Have you taken the child to the Orthopedic specialist yet? ...

Walking on Tippy Toes..

I would be happy to share our outcome at the specialists office after we go if ... She can walk on her flat foot, and will, but usually she is on her toes. ...

My Kid Puts One Foot in When She Walks!

Read all 25 responses: "My 2-year-old girl puts her left foot in when she ... I asked if I should take him to be checked by a specialist and she didn't feel ...

Bug Bites Getting Infected

I would suggest asking te allergy specialist if there is a way to work out a payment plan. This way you can pay what .... safe bug spray · foot specialist ...

Preemie Still Small at 2 Years Old

I think before going to a specialist I might get another opinion from another ... til he was around 16 and now he is around 6 foot tall and in the military. ...

Seeking Fertility Specialist

Looking for recommendations for a good fertility specialist. ... Dr. MIchael Contro in Los Gatos is not only an ObGyn, but also a fertility specialist. ...

Infertility Specialist

My current infertility specialist just is not the right fit for me anymore. Does anyone out there have an infertility doctor based in the Minneapolis area ...

NICU Follow-Up Clinic

I know when I have had troubles with my childern if they need a specialist she refers me to Childern's Mercy Hospital. Even for after hours care. ...

Need Relief for Son's Mouth

Both my kids had the hand foot and mouth disease and it was terrible. ... something similar and they couldn't figure it out until I went to a specialist. ...

Difference Between Orthopedist and Podiatrist?

Her foot hurts her from walking and if she tries to play to long that night she .... is a foot doctor and an orthopedist is a bone specialist. good luck! ...
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