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Vitamins for a 15 Month Old

My daughter eats mostly table food now. I try to feed her a nutritous diet but my mother in law recommended I also give her vitamins. ...

Do Baby Vitamins (With Iron) Really Stain Their Teeth?

Our pediatrician doesn't recommend vitamins. We use a whole food supplement ( it's not a vitamin). Our doctor recommends it because of the research. ...

Over the Counter PreNatal Vitamins

I take "Just Once" Prenatal Vitamin by Rainbow Light. They sell them in all Whole Foods. I love them because you only have to take 1 a day. ...

Supplements and Vitamins

I was told to start taking supplements and vitamins 3 months before I got ... You can find them at Whole Foods, Sevananda, and other natural grocery stores. ...

Good Prenatal Vitamins?

We are also considering having a second and so -again I tried another food based vitamin-new chapter organics - again felt very sick. I even tried taking ...

Allergic or Intolerance to Vitamins

You probably already have enought of the vitamins and minerals in your daily intake of food, and you are over doing it with the vitamins. ...

Prenatal Vitamins

I just chewed Flintstones & drank orange juice & tried to get most of my vitamins from food sources...since vits/mins in foods absorb better and are ...

When to Start Vitamins?

I am one of those that try to have my kids get all the vitamins they need from food instead of a pill However I know I am in the minority so research your ...

Chewable Prenatal Vitamin?

Vitamins have always upset my stomach so I just ate lots of super-fortified foods. Total for breakfast, fortified soy milk, Luna Bars (or any other ...

Non Prescription Prenatal Vitamins

I take what is known as a whole food supplement...a multi-vitamin, calcium lactate, iron, folic acid and fish oil for omega 3's. It seems like a lot, ...
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  • make sure there is enough folic acid in 2 answers "... sure it has all the right stuff in it, and make sure there is enough folic acid ..."
  • folic acid and fish oil in 2 answers "... that those prenatal ones didn't have enough of like folic acid and fish oil."
  • target brand prenatal vitamins in 2 answers "... upsetting my stomach and I tried the generic Target brand prenatal vitamins ..."
  • poly vi sol in 2 answers "We have been giving my daughter the Target brand of Poly-Vi-Sol vitamins since she ..."
  • poly vi sol in 2 answers "I give my 18 mo old Poly-Vi-Sol by Enfamil, my pediatrician says this was best."