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Are There Any "Organic" Prenatal Vitamins? and Questions About IUD

Regarding the prenatal vitamins I'm determined to go organic this time, I'll do more research and I will def take a walk through whole foods to see what ...

Need Advice on Prenatal Vitamins

Apr 26, 2009 ... My acupuncturist had me on Standard Process which is all organic and food based. They grow the foods used to make the vitamins. ...


Does anyone have any suggestions on good vitamins for a 2yr old sometimes I dont think she's getting all she needs with foodshe is starting to be a picky ...

Vitamins and My Nine Year Old Son

Sep 16, 2009 ... Your son can simply have a stomach ache from ingesting the vitamins without food . If he is indeed taking other medications, then that too ...

Chewable Prenatal Vitamin?

Vitamins have always upset my stomach so I just ate lots of super-fortified foods. Total for breakfast, fortified soy milk, Luna Bars (or any other ...


Sep 8, 2009 ... Our son is 3 and we have had good luck with the dinasour vitamins from Akins Health Food Store The immune one is orange flavor and the ...

Can Anyone Recommend a Really Good Natural Vitamin?

Sep 2, 2009 ... I am looking for a really good, all natural daily vitamin for my 2 year old. ... foods vitamin d · immune system vitamin ...

Does Omega-3 Vitamins Really Help?

I personally would not give my child Omega-3 vitamins because there are a lot of foods that you can get Omega-3 in, such as flax seeds, which you can grind ...

7 Month Old and Solid Food

What foods should I start him out on. I was suggested cheese and bread? ... more than 200 nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and minerals, including 13 of the 17 ...

Can Prenatal Vitamins Make You Sick?

... I took my vitamins. Once I started taking my prenatals before bed, and with a little bit of food, I didn't throw up one more time the whole pregnancy. ...
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