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9 Month Old Refuses Blended Foods, Thinks He Can Live off Cheerios!

We also went to the health food store and got him Veggie Booty. It's made with Kale and Spinach and he LOVES them. They have other options too all made with ...

Food Allergy Meal Ideas

She has found a very nice health food store (claudia's - i think they have a website too) and is able to get him things there. Also our local grocery stores ...

Food Ideas for Severe Milk Allergy Toddler

I'm sure there are many products at Wild Oats or Whole Foods & other health food stores that aren't available in the regular grocery store. Check them out. ...

What Is a Reasonable Monthly Food Budget?

Unfortunately healthier food costs more, and again, I just will not scrimp on my and my family's health. I think I'm on the right track, but I know I can do ...

19 Month Old with Food & Environmenal Allergies- Help!

There are lots of foods available for a better price than the specialty shops in the health food department at Fred Meyer and lots of recipes at ...

Anyone Have Their Child on a Wheat/gluten Free Diet?

You will have to see what is available in your health food market. Some Meijer stores are also carrying a small selection of gluten free products, ...

Looking for First Fingered Foods Ideas

I also highly recommend the baby cookies that are maple or vanilla flavored that are sold in the health food stores. They are very dense and my children ...

Table Food for Baby

If you are not very adventurous with your food selections for yourself, now is the time for the sake of your child's health to branch out a bit and have ...

1 Year Old with Food Allergies

Also, if you don't already shop at a health food store, I would start as they have more option of dairy-free items, like Whole Foods or Mississippi Market. ...

High Iron Foods

Go to your health food store and ask them what else you can do, the people here are superb with special dietary needs. Also if possible talk to your mom, ...
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