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Table Foods for 9 Month Old

As a nutritionist, just remember that formula or breastmilk is still their main source of calories and food is just the supplement till around 11-12m. ...

How Do I Encourage Solids Foods?

Although not unhealthy, it may be preventing her from being interested in more actual food calories. One thing I would encourage, though, is switching from ...

Food Restrictions for Me While Breastfeeding?

Trust me you will need all the calories you can get from good food!!! As for some of the thing you mentioned...sushi is from what I understand a no no. ...

Needs Table Food Ideas for 9 Mo. Old

I am a mom of a 9 mo. old baby boy who just started to eat table food. ... toast cut into chunks (You can put butter or jam on it to increase calories) ...

Dirty Dozen of Foods

They are what I see as empty nutritional value. Even foods that are fattening, if they have nutritional value, I would not put on my "bad" ...

Introducing Solid Foods to Formula Fed 5 Month Old

That being said, is there a particular order in which solid foods should be .... introducing baby foods · introducing foods to baby · foods calories · solid ...

18 Month Old Needs to Gain Weight

I would stay away from the junk food 'cause it is more empty calories than ... If so, that's a wonderful protein rich, no cholesterol, high calorie food. ...

14 Month Old Not Eating Many "Finger Foods"

Our job is to provide those calories in nutritious forms. ... I have a 15 month old who is just starting to eat more finger foods. She started on table food ...

1 Year Old Daughter Will Not Eat Regular Food

Have you tried giving her any finger foods? I know she only has the four front teeth, but maybe try giving her ripe ... calories food · no interest in food ...

Stage 2 Foods--did I Start Them Too Quick?

I started feeding my kids table food at around 8mo. So yes you are fine to give your baby 2nd .... stage 2 foods · foods calories · quick · gerber foods ...
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