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Need Good Multi Vitamin/immune Support for 22 Month Old-

Food intolerances are different than allergies and won't be recognized on an allergy test. A good nutritionist would be able to suggest a supplement for ...

Multi Vitamin/probiotic

Whole food supplements, if a high quality, can be good also because minerals are digested like food. You also need to know what the absorption rate is as ...

2 Year Old ALWAYS Sick!!!!

Juice Plus is a whole food supplement. There is a veggie version and a fruit version. They have a gummy version, chewable tablet (my kids take these because ...

Looking for Food Allergy Studies and Advice

I have a 5 year-old with severe life threatening food allergies that include ..... health care professionals · food supplements · living food · big melon ...

Please I Need Help with Abilify

I would also highly recommend an all-natural supplement in whole-fruit juice form. I'm sure you will find that .... food supplements · class action lawsuits ...

Solid Food Advice

Thanks everyone for the advice, I know my daughter will get her food eventually. ..... food supplements · fast food nutrition · no interest in food ...

Iron Supp, Help!

I put my granddaughter on whole food supplements when she was 2 days old. The jade greenzymes is barley grass. I used to sprinkle it in her bottle. ...

Help Cannot Gain Weight

I also agree that instead of turning to food supplements/shakes that you would be better served by eating, well, food! Caloric intake - most people who want ...

Low or No Iron Prenatal Vitamins

I would suggest that you try a "whole food" supplement like Greens First (it does come in pill form), Juice Plus, or Superfood. It is not imperative to take ...

Vitamins for Toddlers

Shaklee makes a great line of food supplements, including Vita-Lea Infant Mix. It's a powder that's mixed into juice, food or water -23 essential vitamins ...
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