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Best Deal for Baby Food?

J.T. asks from Washington DC

My baby is about to start eating solids and I am wondering if anyone has a suggestion for the the best place to buy baby food. I have done great with formula coupons...


Need Help with Food and Clothing

R.D. asks from New York

I needed to know if there are sights out there that can help with food or clothing?Mother of six and I need help.


Organic Baby Food

J.S. asks from Detroit

We recently started feeding rice cereal to our 5 month old. I have been doing a lot of research in regards to baby food and organic foods. I know there is a list of...


Food Allergy Support Groups?

K.C. asks from San Francisco

Does anyone know of any support groups for kids with food allergies? I live in the Concord area


Saving Food from Going to Waste

M.L. asks from Houston

The NYTimes recently had an article on foraging for food at vacant homes' urban gardens and it got me thinking. I am wanting to start some sort of community program, ...


Homemade Baby Food

B.S. asks from Philadelphia

I make my own baby food (I use the Super Baby Food book as well as my own creations), but I'm having trouble with meats. I think baking plain chicken and turkey smell...


Items from Food Pantry

M.2. asks from Chicago

My neighbors have hit hard times and are currently getting a majority of their food items from the local food pantry. They say they get an over-abundance of food tha...


Traveling with Homemade Food

L.K. asks from San Diego

Does anyone have advise on traveling with homemade babyfood? We are visiting my sister in law in WI next week to celebrate her baby's 1st birthday. I prepare homemade...


Throws His Food at Meals

S.F. asks from Waterloo

My son is 15 months old. When he doesn't want to eat something or is done eating he smears his food all over his try and/or throws it. We tell him no, but it seams ...


Making Baby Food at Home..??

T.K. asks from Seattle

I have heard that it is fairly easy to make baby food at home and then freeze for when needed. I am willing to try it, especially since I would know exactly what woul...

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  • freeze in ice cube trays in 2 answers "It's super easy to make your own food and freeze in ice cube trays!"
  • super baby food by ruth in 3 answers "Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron! It was our baby food bible until my daughter was 1 ..."
  • into ice cube trays in 2 answers "... baby food, it's AWESOME for that!), pour the blended food into ice cube trays ..."
  • ice cube trays in 4 answers "I think your best bet for traveling is to freeze, ice cube trays work well for handy ..."
  • by annabel karmel in 2 answers "I used the book called Top 100 baby purees by Annabel Karmel, you can get it online ..."