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J.G. asks from Las Vegas

I have a 3 year old and a 17 month old and I feel like I am constantly looking for healthy meal and snack ideas, but they never come to fruition. I am not opposed to...


Should I Feed My Dog Human Food?

P.S. asks from Washington DC

This is a debate in my home - should we feed our dog human food or stick to the dog food? Our dog is a little overweight but generally healthy. Is it okay to give him...


Dumster Diving for Food (Anybody Doing It?)

L.C. asks from Raleigh

My husband has two jobs :his own company where his paychecks are not consistent(only made $2000 since july) and second job where he makes $250 a week so our $$$$ are...


Food Allergies Vs. Food Tolerance

E.S. asks from San Francisco

I've started my baby on solids a few weeks ago when she reached 6 months of age. I did the usual of starting on rice cereal for about a week, then oatmeal about a wee...


What Dry Cat Food Do You Use?

P.D. asks from Detroit

I recently asked, "what dry dog food do you use" and got great responses. We have two cats and have been considering switching their food. So, I was curious about c...


Making Baby Food

M. asks from Dallas

I am thinking about making my own baby food for my son. Any tips/products/books/things to stay away from? Thanks!


Which Stores Offer Bonus Money for Your School?

K.C. asks from Los Angeles

I'm trying to compile a list of all the stores/companies/apps that offer bonus for schools. I'm referring to the programs where you can register your credit/rewards c...


Anyone Know of Discount Grocery Stores??

A.F. asks from Norfolk

Hi. I am in the Virginia Beach area. I was wondering if anyone knows of any discount grocery stored around the area (even Cheasapeke/Norfolk areas). I mostly shop at ...


Meals and Throwing Food

A.F. asks from New York

My thirteen-month old likes to throw food on the floor constantly from her highchair. She turns her plate over and makes such a mess! Is there any way I can prevent h...


Food - Can't Believe We Eat That Stuff...

P.O. asks from Harrisburg

Have you guys ever watched Food Inc. - It's a documentary on food and how it is processed in America. I am now disgusted and not sure what to feed my kids anymore. ...

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  • baby food maker from williams in 2 answers "I told my sister that I was going to buy her the baby food maker from Williams Sonoma ..."
  • ice cube trays in 5 answers "I didn't buy any extra equipment, beyond an extra set of ice cube trays."
  • sold by the sell by date in 2 answers "... all of the bakery items are thrown away if they are not sold by the sell by date."
  • feed a dog human food in 2 answers "... a BARF diet that's fine, but otherwise of course you don't feed a dog human food."
  • whole grain breads in 2 answers "... grains, like quinoa, rice...) in lieu of breads (even whole grain breads ..."