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Good Grocery Stores

S.W. asks from Dallas

I just moved here from Phoenix. I need some advice on a good grocery store. I have been to Super Wal-mart, Kroger, and Albertsons. I have heard that Central Market...


No Meat Food

J.M. asks from Sacramento

My daughter, who will be 2 in March, will not eat meat, but will eat the unhealthy meat of the chicken kids meal from local fast-food place. We rarely eat out and I'm...


Food Allergy?

C.M. asks from Columbus

I have three children. My youngest turned one on Friday. I am worried that she has some sort of food allergy, but I can't pin point what it is. When she eats Macar...


Survey for Bf'ing Moms (Past, Present, Future) RE: Lactation Room in Box Stores

J.F. asks from Minneapolis

I breastfed my oldest (3) and now my 10 month old. I have always thought it would be advantageous for box stores to provide a lactation/baby room for their customers...


Food Allergies

M.B. asks from Atlanta

hi there. I need some suggestions on what to feed my toddler. She has recently been diagnosed with allergies to egg, peanut, milk, soy, kiwi and now sunbutter! Als...


Food Allergies?

C.D. asks from Los Angeles

Lately my daughters have had constant diarehha. Its been going on for about 3 weeks. There is no fever, they play and eat fine. All around normal healthy kids. It...


Food Allergies

A.M. asks from Denver

My son, who is almost three, was just diagnosed with several food sensitivites via the NAET method. I suspected he had several issues and sure enough he has sensitiv...


Food Issues

E.M. asks from Louisville

i have an 8 year old whos always been on the small side and honestly thats fine with me i would rather haver her small but he dr wants her to put on some weight bc of...


Food Allergies

B.L. asks from Los Angeles

Hi mamas! I have been eating gluten-free for almost two years and have adapted to the diet fairly well (although I REALLY miss hot, buttered, sourdough toast!). Now ...


Natural Food Dyes

H.X. asks from Richmond

Hi, we're doing some baking for Valentine's and have some family members who can't eat the artificial food colorings. I'd like to use food coloring to tint some icin...

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