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Need Snacks for a Toddler with Food Allergies

have you tried any soy products? health food stores or supermarkets have soy cheese (sticks), or soy crisps (snack size), smaller size soy milk or rice milk ...

Food Allergies

Aug 26, 2009 ... preparing your own baby food in 2 answers book Super Baby Food she a lots of great tips for .... baby food storage · natural food stores ...

Food Ideas for Severe Milk Allergy Toddler

I'm sure there are many products at Wild Oats or Whole Foods & other health food stores that aren't available in the regular grocery store. Check them out. ...

Natural Food Dyes

Also, there is a small chain of all-health-food stores called Healthway in this area (there are ones in Fairfax and Springfield, I think) and you could call ...

Just Found Out My Child Has Food Allergies - What's Next?

Sep 25, 2009 ... The best luck I have had is buying at a heatlh food store we have one called " Natures Bin" I buy a lot of organic ($$$) but organic does not ...

Moms of Children W/ FPIES: Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome

Some health food stores may carry it. My great grandma swore by it, my Dad had it. And when I took my daughter to visit my great uncle who had goats, ...

19 Month Old with Food & Environmenal Allergies- Help!

There are some natural sunscreens out there - ask at your local health food store. They should be able to help with something with fewer chemicals. ...

Need Some Food Ideas

You might try going to a health food store for ideas. They tend to have a lot of options for people with allergies. Of course they also tend to have a lot ...

Food Allergy?

I am worried that she has some sort of food allergy, but I can't pin point ... abut all grocery stores) yogurt is extremely tasty, and my grandson loves it. ...

The Grocery Game

Read all 10 responses: "At the store yesterday, the woman in front of me ... that is - and if I don't use it, there are always food drives to contribute to! ...
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