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Know Anything About Embroidery?

Read all 7 responses: "I am wanting to find a machine that will do minor sewing projects and embroider names for a decently low price.

Ideas for a 4 Year Old Birthday Party

You will need help doing this though; an adult at each station, to help the children with the activity, or at each food machine to get the food out. ...

Food for Baptism Brunch

Need Brunch Food Ideas for First Birthday Party - 30 Adults ... church service · flowers wild · vegan food · fruit machine · cheesecakes · fruit food ...

Moms That Make Baby Food.

... and of the electric food grinders? I have tried a regular blender and a food processor..." ... Recommendations on a Machine to Prepare Baby Food at Home ...

Home Made- Non-toxic Laundry Detergent Recipes

laundry detergent he · laundry cleaners · eco friendly products · laundry liquid · laundry machine · organic recipes · food machine · laundry wash ...

Anyone Order the Croissant Sandwich Tray at Cosco? Need Costco Food Ideas

Need Costco Food Ideas. I was going to order the sandwich tray from costco and was very impressed with the price .... Need Food/snack Suggestions for a Baptism Party - 100 People ... order food · fruit food · baby blocks · fruit machine ...

Wonderwash Compact Washer (For Cloth Diapers)

I am most concerned with washing them in my regular washing machine. ... enzyme- free powder I got at Chamberlain's, our local health food store. ...

Looking for a Local Diaper Service

It is a lot of extra laundry, of course, which does wear on a machine, ... Once the kids were on solid food, we'd shake the poop into the toilet, ...

Laundering of Food, Feces and Spit-up Stains

I put about 1/2 cup of Resolve into the washing machine, (using warm water) ... I also swear by tide-to-go stick for immediate food stains. works even on ...

Help with He Washer

I have a he front loading Washing Machine. My problem is I want to use ... I recently began feeding baby food to my son & it's staining his clothes. ...
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  • ice cube trays in 5 answers "I used ice cube trays and spooned the food into the trays and then covered them and ..."
  • spray and wash stain stick in 2 answers "... with me at all times - in my daughters diaper bag - a Spray and Wash stain stick."
  • fels naptha soap in 2 answers "I too use the Fels Naptha soap grated and heated, Arm and Hammer washing soda rather ..."
  • bean bag toss in 6 answers "... you could play could be the duck game like they do at the fair, a bean bag toss ..."
  • use regular oxi clean in 2 answers "... fine for most kids, unless you see they are sensitive--I use regular Oxi-clean ..."