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Flu Shots

But if you guys really don't get sick, and the flu virus always seems to skip .... True flu, or influenza, is not the same as a cold virus, and causes many ...

H1N1 (Swine Flu) Questions

Sep 5, 2009 ... I would love to hear from someone who has had a school age child with the H1N1 flu virus I know we hear on the news about the potential ...


Read all 8 responses: "I have the flu, how can i prevent my 21 month from ... Don't touch your babys eyes, nose or mouth as the virus can enter that way. ...

Virus Symptoms

Hey I was wondering if anyone can tell me if the same virus can have completely different ... The CDC gava a broad list of symptoms for this new flu strain. ...


With the new flu virus that is going around it probably wouldn't hurt to take him in to see the doctor though. I don't think any of the symptoms he has are ...

Flu Mist

Sep 28, 2009 ... Read all 9 responses: "My 3 yr old daughter received Flu Mist this ... it's just a coincidence and she has picked up a cold virus....believe ...

Flu Shot

Sep 15, 2009 ... The flu vaccine only contains 4 strains and there are over 400. You can not vaccinate away a virus plus there are so many toxins in it and ...

Flu Vaccinations. Do You Believe?

Oct 9, 2009 ... I'm wondering about opinions/viewpoints on flu vaccines, most specifically..." ... of virus and if memory serves me correctly just pointed out the flu shot ...

14 Month Old with Flu B

Unfortuanately the flu does that. Tamiflu does not cure the symptoms but it does stop the virus from reproducing so that your child won't get any worse that ...

Thoughts on the Flu Vaccine

We also do not get the flu really in our family, and the vaccine only works against the 3-4 strains of the virus they think people will be most likely to ...
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  • wash your hands a lot in 3 answers "I would just wash your hands a lot and try not to kiss or breath on the baby."
  • who got the flu vaccine in 2 answers "We have a 2 1/2 year old who got the flu vaccine the past 2 years."
  • didnt get flu shots in 2 answers "... two families who go to my niece's elementary school who didn't get flu shots ..."
  • seasonal flu shot in 2 answers "CDC recommends both seasonal flu shot as well as H1N1 so yes we will be getting both."
  • swine flu in 13 answers "I agree that you should take him in with the swine flu scare going around."