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Flu Mist Reactions

My daughter got the mist three years ago right before Thanksgiving and was sick with the flu symptoms all through the holidays. That is not the usual case, ...

Lyme's of the Flu ?!

Sounds like the flu, right? Many people are saying no, .... And with symptoms like that I'd be heading to the emergency room or at least an urgent care ...

Caught a Bad Flu and So Did My Son

I got the flu and of course now he has it. He woke up with a 102.9 fever and ... Other symptoms (congestion, coughing) can be assuaged with any OTC drops ...

Stomach Flu and Pregnant?

It's no fun having the flu, and even less fun when you're pregnant. ... 6 Months Pregnant with Flu like Symptoms, Doctor Will Not See Me ...

Swine Flu & Flying with the Kid

The odds of contracting swine flu are miniscule and even if by some odd chance you do, every case in the US so far has only produced mild flu symptoms which ...

Swine FLU????????

He has had cold/flu symptoms all weekend. He has been coughing all night. I have been worried too. It is scary when you hear stuff in the news and then your ...

Is This Typical with Flu Shot?

It was a royal pain that the flu shot gave her these symptoms so we decided not to get the second dose. My opinion is that the flu shot is great if it helps ...

Virus Symptoms

People can show the same symptoms to the same illness but not always is that true. The CDC gava a broad list of symptoms for this new flu strain. ...

Thera-flu While Nursing?

Aug 10, 2009 ... if you have flu like symptoms you should not be nursing. also i was under the impression that we needed to take the same medication that we ...

White Stool After Stomach Flu

Unfortunately, this hasn't lessoned my worring because I was told that this could be Hepetitis, as the symptoms for that and the stomach flu are the same. ...
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  • cases of swine flu in 2 answers "... I just checked www.webmd.com and in 11 of the 12 reported cases of swine flu ..."
  • tested for swine flu in 2 answers "... you have flu-like symptoms, you should see a doctor to get tested for swine flu."
  • dont cancel your trip in 2 answers "Don't cancel your trip, but definitely don't use masks."
  • about swine flu in 2 answers "I would not be concerned about swine flu."
  • swine flue in 2 answers "... traveled or been around someone who has traveled, it is probably not Swine flue ..."