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Have You Gotten the Swine Flu Vaccine for You or Your Child?

Read all 61 responses: "Hi Moms, I am at a crossroads here. I haven't decide yet if my child Barrett, who is 18months, and I (who am 14 weeks pregnant) ...

Flu Shot

Read all 11 responses: "My 21 month old son has gotten 4 ear infections in less then 6 months and is seeing an ENT next week.

Should I Get a Flu Shot?

Read all 7 responses: "I was offered a flu shot at my last OBGYN visit and I told them I needed to think about it first. I have never had a flu shot in my ...

Flu Shots for Pregnant Women

Sep 28, 2009 ... Read all 29 responses: "Hi Mamas, I am pregnant with child #2 - yeah!! In light of the flu season upon us and the heightened risk of H1N1, ...

Flu Shot

Read all 16 responses: "So I have never gotten a flue shot before. I am wondering if I should get one this year. Ive never really had the flu(knock on wood) ...

Flu Shot

Read all 14 responses: "Ladies I am hating myself right now. My son has a cold and I let the doctor convince me that he could have a flu shot.

Flu Shot

Read all 14 responses: "i was just wondering about others experiences with the flu shot. when i was pregnant it was recommended and i refused to get it due ...

Yes or No on the Flu Shot?

Read all 23 responses: "Is there any parents who apted not to get the flu shot? What was the results, and are you changing your mind?

Swine Flu Shot to Get It or Not for My Baby

Oct 28, 2009 ... Read all 45 responses: "My son is 6 and 1/2 months old so he's bearly old enough to get it but his ped recomended that he does.

Recommendation for Flu Shots?

Read all 22 responses: "Just wanted to get a better feel for what is recommended .... My pediatrician recommended a series of typical flu shots for my 8 ...
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  • got the swine flu shot in 3 answers "My husband, my daughter, who is 10 months, and I all got the swine flu shot a few ..."
  • got the swine flu vaccine in 2 answers "I am 12 weeks pregnant and I got the swine flu vaccine 1 week ago."
  • get the swine flu shot in 2 answers "I would never in a million years get the swine flu shot or any other shot ever again."
  • swine flu vaccine in 4 answers "... I too would seriously question the efficacy and safety of the swine flu vaccine."
  • building your immune system in 2 answers "I believe that building your immune system is truely a vital key to avoiding sickness ..."