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"Skin Tag on 11 Yr Old"

A friend of mine just took one off of her chest by tying a piece of dental floss around it as tight as she could stand it and then cut the ends off fairly ...


Make sure you brush and floss at least one a day. Your gums can get inflammed while you are pregnant. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This ...

Bad Breath

As for the problem there are many causes We live by listerine at our house We swish before nad after brushing and floss I probably keep listerine in ...

Retractable Screen Door

Get a (teeth) floss threader, then cut tiny 1/2 inch or so pieces of yarn. ... embroidery floss comes in every color you might possibly like and is great ...

4 Year Old Daughter Needs Orthodontics

His baby teeth were classfied as soft teeth and they were so tight together I could hardly get floss through them, now there is proper space. ...

Childs Bad Breath

We do not floss because he has gaps in his teeth and where told he does not need to ... However, if you can floss for him that is the best thing to do. ...

3.5 Y/o Toddler with Bad Breath

We brush her teeth twice daily, floss her, clean her tongue. We thought that because of dry mouth, so we give her lots of water... and she still has the ...

Gum Problems During Pregnancy..

... in between manually brushing my teeth Floss if you can it helps to strengthen your gums as well as clean in between your teeth Use Listerine At first it ...

Sour Smell

could just be normal or well abnormal bad breath, my son now 7 can brush his teeth and floss, and he does a very good job, 3 times a day and he still has ...

Bad Breath

She should also floss before brushing at bedtime, especially if her teeth are close together. I know some children's baby teeth aren't close together like ...
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  • piece of dental floss in 3 answers "A friend of mine just took one off of her chest by tying a piece of dental floss around ..."
  • just gotten over being sick in 2 answers "When they are sick, or have just gotten over being sick, the smell is a lot worse ..."
  • thread around the base in 2 answers "... have worked for me.) One: You can tie a piece of thread around the base ..."
  • around the base of the tag in 2 answers "... in law took some hair from our heads and tied it around the base of the tag ..."
  • had a skin tag in 3 answers "I once had a skin tag and I just clipped it off with toe nail clippers."