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Looking for Recommendations on Hardwood Floors

Not sure who to recommend for installing flooring...but as far as the flooring itself, i've heard nothing but great things about the new bamboo wood floors! ...

Looking for Someone to Install Wood Flooring

Read all 11 responses: "I am new to this site, but thought I would give it a try ! We will be moving in a few weeks and are looking for a reputable ...

Advice on Cleaning a Pergo Floor

Good Morning B., I have wood floors also in the kitchen and downstairs family room. I don't think they are pergo though. I do use the wetjet swiffer on them ...

Cleaning Linoleum Floors

So far I haven't noticed any stubborn stains, though mine floors are a medium wood color. Good luck! J. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This ...

For Those Who Have Wood Floors, What Is the Best Way to Wash the Floor??

Read all 8 responses: "We just moved into a new home with all wood floors. What is the best products for cleaning wood floors?"

Hard Wood Floor or Slate in Kitchen?

Aug 28, 2009 ... Read all 8 responses: "Hello, We are about to embark on a kitchen remodel and I am trying to decide on flooring. Our house is 1917 home in South Minneapolis ...

Seeking Info on Cleaning/polishing Wood Floors

I am wanting information on cleaning/polishing wood floors in a house built in the 50s. Most products in the stores are for sealed wood floors. ...

Getting Pet Urine Out of Hardwood Floor

While trying to house train our miniature Yorkie I didn't see an accident until it had soaked and dried into our hard wood floor. Now there's a dark circle ...

Empire Flooring Company

Read all 7 responses: "Has anyone used Empire Flooring Company, they are the ones that advertise on TV all the time ... Laminate/Hard Wood Flooring Question ...

Baby Safe Hard Wood Cleaners

Read all 23 responses: "My entire 1st floor is hard wood and I think my current method of ... Vinegar and hot water is the best hard wood floor cleaner. ...
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  • murphys oil soap in 3 answers "I always mopped my wood floors with Murphy's oil soap in warm water and dryed them ..."
  • murphys oil soap in 2 answers "Oh - Murphy's Oil Soap is ok on polyurethane finishes as far as I know, but for people ..."
  • lavender or tea tree in 2 answers "NEVER use products with Lavender or Tea Tree oils if you have kids!"
  • use murphys oil in 2 answers "Then, once a month, I use Murphy's Oil soap and a mop to clean it."
  • clean magic eraser in 2 answers "The thing that finally worked was a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser - it was tedious work ..."