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Flying 35 Wks Pregnant

I am a flight attendant and can tell you in the 11 years of flying I have never had anyone go into labor on the plane so I doubt that would happen. ...

Any Tips on Traveling Alone with 10Month Old?

On the air plane you can suggest to the flight attendant if there are any open seats to please sit you there. I took my lap top computer and played Baby ...

Taking 4 Week Old on Plane

Chat with a flight attendant before you sit down to determine a game plan for baby changing. I once had a very sweet flight attendant let me use the floor ...

Car Seat, CARES, or Lap Belt for 2 Yr Old on Long Flight?

Oct 15, 2009 ... My sister is a flight attendant and had her check in to it before we purchased it. She also said they are starting to be used a lot more and ...

Bassinet Seat vs Regular Seats

When we went back to the US for Christmas we flew Korean Air (very good experience, the flight attendants were very friendly and helpful, willing to hold ...

Entertainment Ideas for 20 Month Old on Airplane Flight

I usually lucked out with great fellow passengers and good flight attendants who were willing to help me if necessary. As my son has gotten older it has ...

Diaper Changing

M.L. answers from Stationed Overseas on October 20, 2008. Every plane has a bathroom with a changing station. Ask the flight attendant which bathroom it is. ...

Taking Milk Through Airport Security

If you are flying alone, your flight attendant and seat buddies are your new best friends. Don't feel at all bad if you need to ask for your bottle warmed ...

Should I Buy a Airplane Seat for My 17 Month Old??

The car seat ended up being to large for the seat and the flight attendants made them check it anyway. I think the majority of the flight the toddler ended ...

Flying with a Pack N Play

However the last time we flew they limited how many bags I could check and we had to carry the stroller and crib as a carry on that the flight attendants ...
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  • your lap for take off and landing in 2 answers "... sure you are allowed to sit with your baby in your lap for take off and landing ..."
  • portable dvd player in 5 answers "Also, a portable DVD player would probably be handy to keep him occupied when he is ..."
  • during take off and landing in 2 answers "... other tip - be sure you bring a cup for him to drink during take off and landing ..."
  • portable dvd player in 2 answers "... in having my kids watch TV all the time, so I didn't have a portable DVD player ..."
  • sure what a bassinet seat in 2 answers "I am not sure what a bassinet seat is; they did not have them when I traveled overseas ..."