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We're Taking Our 10 Month Old to Jamaica Next Week...

Onto the flight - if you're coming from Indy - you'll connect in Miami (and ... If you're worried about the flight, a portable DVD player made our first ...

Traveling with 3 Month Old

Give him benedryl just before the flight. It will keep his ears from getting .... Mia is not even two and has been on about 15 flights and now enjoys them. ...

Any Tips on Traveling Alone with 10Month Old?

She'll probably be riding on my lap and it's a six hour flight with one or ... I took my lap top computer and played Baby Einstein for mine during flights. ...

6 Month Olds First Flight

Read all 21 responses: "Does anyone have any experience on flying with a 6 month old? I am worried about his ears. I am bringing a bottle because I heard ...

12 Hours Flight! Need Help !

Read all 22 responses: "We are moving next week to China...12 hours flight from Europe to Hong Kong. My daughter is 17 months old and we reserved a seat for ...

Red Eye Flight With

Read all 4 responses: "Hi, I am trying to schedule a 5 hour flight with my 1.5 year old son and am thinking about doing an overnight flight instead of a day ...

Questions About What I Can Bring on a Flight

Read all 18 responses: "It's been awhile since i have flown and we are getting ready to take two small children on a flight to CA on Thursday.

Extended Air Travel with a 9 Month Old

I've seen babies do well with long flights and poorly, both in fussiness and ... I flew with my 9mo old last month; but it was only a 3hr flight and then a ...

Need Vacation Ideas for Us and Our 1 Year Old

The flight may seem long but we went when our son was 13 months and he did great ! ... Plus, flights may start to go down if you do some bargain hunting. ...

Any Advice on Air Travel with Infant?

The flight is only about 2 hours. Any words of wisdom from your experience? ... I've taken my 10 month old on 6 flights so far and here's what's worked for ...
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  • bottle during take off and landing in 2 answers "... had a better chance of the baby accepting the bottle during take-off and landing."
  • portable dvd player in 4 answers "If you have a portable DVD player, take along some favorite movies and headphones."
  • during takeoff and landing in 2 answers "... I agree with everyone else that said to feed the baby during takeoff and landing."
  • quart size bag in 2 answers "You can have one quart size bag for you and each of the kids, not counting meds."
  • during take off and landing in 2 answers "... wear it during the flight as much as you want except during take off and landing."