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Flat Head Syndrom

He definitely has a flat spot on his head (I'm worried if he ever loses his hair when he's grown up) and his ears are in different positions, which will be ...

Need Advice on Dealing with My 6 Month-old's Flat Head

My son's head deformity came in the womb (breech position for many months) and he was born with the flat spot/facial asymmetry. It just got worse over time. ...

Baby Flat Head?

Hi, my daughter had the same issue, except her flat spot was on the side of her head. The pediatrician said no need to buy any expensive head gear, the head ...

Have Any of Your Children Had Torticollis And/or Flat Head?

My son had torticollis and a flat spot on his head. Our pediatrician gave us exercises to do and took an X-Ray. We ended up at Children's Hospital for a ...

Getting a Flat Head from Sleeping on His Back

We worried about the 'flat spot on the head' with our daughter (who is 2 now). She would lie on her back but always, always, turned her head to the right ...

Head Forming Incorrectly

My son has a flat spot on his head, too, because he always slept on that same side (facing my bed). My pediatrician suggested encouraging him to lay facing ...

Flat Side of Son's Head

The back of his head was flat (they slept on their backs). The other one didn't not have a flat spot on his head. Their dr told me that once he started ...

Plagiocephaly - Flat Head - Need Advice

I am a day care provider and one of my day care kids has a flat spot. ... My son had a flat head as well around 6 months and his pediatrician said it would ...

Help! Flat Head--plagiocephaly

Flat Head--plagiocephaly. Help! My 6 1/2 month old grand daughter has a very ... she has a flat spot on the right/back of her head and the left side bulges, ...

Flat Head and Helmets

Gravity will help his little head round out. My son too had a flat spot and is almost seven months and the more time they spend off that spot teh better it ...
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  • craniofacial team at ccmc in 2 answers "Because of this, both girls see the craniofacial team at CCMC regularly."
  • flat spot on his head in 2 answers "I thought he had a flat spot on his head."
  • his head will round in 4 answers "... baby starts sitting up and spending more time on his tummy his head will round ..."
  • your baby starts sitting in 2 answers "... still a little bit flat but looks a lot better:) Once your baby starts sitting ..."
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