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6 Weeks and 3 Days Preggo

Swansons Vitamins on-line has the best prices I've found and they charge a flat rate for shipping no matter how much you order. (And they deliver your order ...

6 Year Old Allowance

We put a flat rate limit on it. But, we don't expect "perfection" in her ... I have a friend that shared this great system with me that was in a box. ...

Going Rate for a Teenage Babysitter?

The other charges a flat rate. Also keep in mind the time of day. Mine is usuall a swing shift type so part of the hours my lil one is asleep. ...

Mural Pricing and Information

I have a face painting business and charge a flat rate per hour to everyone but to close friends and family I charge half of my regular rate. ...

Cell Phone Texting

I do not think you are opening Pandora's box by allowing text, or sending a .... Hi A., I have unlimited texting so I only pay the flat rate, no surprises- ...

Anyone Try Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is a great program and if you join the monthly program they charge you a flat rate of $30 a month and you can attend meetings as well as ...

Seeking Going Rate for House/pet Sitting

What is the going rate per day? Your feedback is requested. ... never seen upcharges for number of dogs, just flat fees based on number of visits per day. ...

Question for a Friend Who Desperately Needs Help!!!

Tell her to be creative, think outside the box, and research, research, research - there ..... My OB-GYN had a flat rate which we paid off before the birth. ...

Persistent Reflux

He can be sleeping for 5-6 hours without being totally flat, then when I lay him .... he was gaining weight at a good rate and I knew he'd grow out of it. ...

Babysitting Cost

Since your daughter will be doing multiple days I would charge them a flat rate that would be fair for both parties. For four days (I'm assuming she won't ...
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