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Growing Pains?

I have flat feet, but have never been diagnosted by a doctor, just because I never had a big issue with them. I remember when I was growing up though, ...

4Yr Old with Feet and Leg Pain

Her feet are flat. So when she would wear shoes that had arches made in them that her feet and legs would hurt from it. She didn't complain of her feet ...

To Exersaucer or Not to That Is the Question.

However, he also needs to be able to touch the floor of the exersauser with his feet flat. For my little guy I had 2 exersaucers. One was height adjustable ...

Twins Heads Are Going Flat

Read all 14 responses: "My 14 week old twins heads are going really flat on the ... up feet to head position) so that they are forced to turn their heads on ...

Can Anyone Tell Me If Their Children Have Had to Wear Corrective Shoes?

Younger children are so often misdiagnosed with flat feet instead of other common problems such as under developing ankle or calf muscles just because there ...

How Can I Get My 24 Month Old to STOP Toe Walking?

My son's ankles turn inwards and he has flat feet because his akelies tendon ( probably spelled wrong) is too tight. The DR said that toe walking is also a ...

Expecting Infant W/ Clubbed Feet

I have known some people who were born with the club feet and are not doing wonderful. ..... flat feet · what to expect when expecting ...

Toddler Frequently Complains of Foot Pain

Said Sam has flat feet which run in my family but that that shouldn't cause pain . Guess now we'll wait and see. Thank you to all who sent suggestions - will ...

8 Yr Old Son Has Stinky, White Feet. Has Anyone Seen This?

Both our boys, as well as their dad, have sweaty feet & on top of that, our 7.5 yr old son wears plastic orthodics for his flat feet so I always make sure ...

Help Moms How Can I Fix My Foot.

I also put my foot flat against the wall while standing. Anything to strech your toes toward your shin. ... Help with Pain in Arch Area and Heel (Flat Feet) ...
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