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Bruising on Child's Back

Messed up the first time wacked herself on the bar and fell flat on her back! Apparently she had been practicing for a while and kept hitting the bar and ...

Flat Feet

He says that they make his back feel better. I guess flat feet makes your back hurt. He has always been very athletic and runs, etc. I believe the orthotics ...

Redness on Infant's Ankle (Flat Red Rash)

It looks like a flat red rash. I've been keeping a close eye on it; she has not had. ... My son gets something similar on the back of one of his knees if we ...

Worried About 5 Month Old Son's Flat Head

He spent many hours as a baby on his back in a crib as his aunt had several children when she took him and his father in. Tom's head was flat in the back ...

9 Month Old Crys, Arches Back When Changing

Oct 18, 2009 ... Normally infants will do what you are describing when they are laid flat on their back if they have an ear infection. Helpful? ...

Flat Spot & Infant Helmet?

My daughter has a flat head in back. She is 14 months now so its too late to do anything about it. Her ped. at the time never seemed concerned about it and ...

Four Month Old with Flat Head on One Side

I have a four month old son that has flat head on the back right side of his head. .... my baby had a flat on the back of his head and someone suggested a ...

Need Advice on Dealing with My 6 Month-old's Flat Head

My little one's back of her head is beginning to get quite flat. We've used a wedge since about 2 months and it worked great to keep her off that spot, ...

Head Shape/flat Spot

He has a flat spot on the right back side of his head. ... My son's head was very flat on the back because he had a very bad case of reflux when he was ...

Any Recomendations for Relief of Recurring Back/sciatic Nerve Pain

The pain begins in my lower back and shoots down to my ankle It's .... as much as is comfortable Straighten your back and with a very flat backno curve lean ...
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