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Renovating an Old House - Pros and Cons?

J.A. asks from Indianapolis

DH and I have lived in the same house with our two DDs for a year and a half. We currently plan to move to a better house when our lease is up. The owner doesn't care...


Question for My Sister

V.K. asks from Minneapolis

Since its a slow question day, I thought I would ask a question for my sister. She just bought her very first car, a Toyota Yaris. I'm not sure of the year. I was...


How Many Dr Opinions

L.A. asks from St. Cloud

So I am getting allergy injections for cat, dust mites and many weeds and plants. I saw a asthma specialist today because I get a lot of wheezing and congestion. He d...


Pot Smoking Neighbor

W.H. asks from New York

my husband and i moved into our house almost 6 years ago in the winter. we have great neighbors. during the warmer months, i like to have the windows open in my hou...


Landlord and AC Repair

J.G. asks from Minneapolis

Our AC has been broken since last week. Our landlord had the AC company come out and look at it that they 'fixed' it. We didn't need to turn in on until tuesday whe...


Half Crazy?

A.T. asks from Louisville

Hi, I recently moved into a new house with my husband and our 15 month old son. I love the house, the yard, everything but one thing is bothering me. Since my son was...


"I Need a Drink" Moments?

M.. asks from St. Louis

I made my 2 y/o and 6y/o take a nap because they have been crab asses all day. Baby was sleeping so I thought what a perfect opportunity to shower. I take the baby ...


Is This Worth Spending $$ Out of Savings

N.S. asks from Dallas

After years of immature spending habits just this year I became more mature about spending my money. I use to blow money on just about anything, but now every time I ...



C.M. asks from Washington DC

What do you love and hate about your iphone? I'm due for an upgrade in October and I have never had an iphone just a droid, but I think they are pretty cool. I'm a hu...


Wild 18 Mo Old Ready to Move Out of Crib. Suggestions Please!

T.R. asks from Washington DC

Hi, my 18 mo old daughter is a handful to say the least. She has never really slept in her crib because she would bounce and get hurt on the wooden edges. She has b...

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