first week of pregnancy

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2Nd Pregnancy

And first pregnancy, there was no nausea. No sickness. Just tired, and eventually uncomfortable. I still only had nausea for a couple of weeks with ...

Hopeful Mom Wondering of Early Pregnancy Symptoms

I had bad morning sickness... thought it was the flu for the first week but it never ended. My pregnancy tests did not read till I was a month pregnant, ...

Deer Tick Bite in Pregnancy

Deer Tick Bite in Pregnancy. I am 13 weeks pregnant and found a tick on my back on ..... Since this is the first time you are logging in to Mamapedia with ...

Wondering About Second Pregnancy...

First pregnancy was unplanned. Expecting #2 now, got pregnant on my second cycle trying. .... pregnancy by week · pregnancy week by week ...

Spotting During Really Early Pregnancy

I too had spotting very early on in my first pregnancy. I was 7 weeks along and had brown spotting for at least a week and a half. ...

What Symptoms Did You Have Early on in a 2Nd Pregnancy?

I'm 11 weeks pregnant with my second and so far, it seems to be just about the same as my first pregnancy. I have been a little nausious, but have been able ...

Mastitis During Pregnancy?

I never had one during pregnancy. I got it 1 week after my son was born from ... I had mastitis three separate times with my first baby, and it seemed like ...

Anyone Else Ever Had Pregnancy Induced Insomnia?

I had horrible insomnia during my first pregnancy, not nearly as bad the second ... I am currently 13 weeks pregnant, and I had that problem a lot in the ...

Percocet During Pregnancy

During my first pregnancy, I had major surgery that removed a cyst and ovary during my 20th week. The doctor gave me vicodin for the pain. ...

Pregnancy Tests

I have no other signs like my first pregnancy, but I realize every pregnancy can be different. I am anxious, yet know I should wait at least a week to do ...
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  • eases your mind in 2 answers "I hope this eases your mind a little bit to know you're not the only one to go through ..."
  • tell tale sign in 2 answers "That was a tell tale sign."
  • than brown spotting in 2 answers "I have miscarried twice and it was a lot different than brown spotting, it was red ..."
  • very tender breasts in 2 answers "i had very very tender breasts and at times they seemed fuller."
  • circle around the bite in 2 answers "If there is no circle around the bite and it is not swelling, you are fine."