first trimester of your pregnancy

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Flying While Pregnant

Read all 28 responses: "Does anyone know how late into your pregnancy you ... I do know for sure there is no harm in traveling during the first trimester. ...

Heart Palpitations During First Trimester

Read all 22 responses: "I am in the first trimester of my 2nd pregnancy and I have ... She said that when your pregnant you body carries more blood and by ...

First Trimester and Can't Get Any Veggies and Fruits Down!

Jun 16, 2009 ... Best wishes to you during your pregnancy! J. ###-###-#### ... girl, for some of us, the first trimester is just about survival... do the ...

Best Maternity Wear Option for First Trimester

I feel your pain. I am 6 months pregnant with my second child and my pants .... I found a lot of first trimester pants at Target. I think it's the Liz Lange ...

Has Anyone Taken Celexa During Pregnancy Especially in the First Trimester?

Sep 5, 2009 ... The first pregnancy, I weaned myself off by the third trimester, ... But always check with your dr on medications I don't think Paxil is a good choice to ...


First I want to say congrats on your pregnancy. Secondly I have never been in .... I was really worried the first trimester, because that is the most common ...

Less than Desirable Results from First Trimester Screening

I am 12 weeks pregnant with #2 and just got our results back from our first trimester genetics screening. The ultrasound was normal, but the bloodwork ...

First Pregnancy Questions

I know it's normal to be fatigued during the first trimester, but I feel completely ... Very normal, all is ok. Congratulations on your pregnancy. Helpful? ...

Depression and Weight Gain for 2Nd Pregnancy

It is completely normal in the first trimester to have some depression. ... First of all, you show earlier with your 2nd pregnancy. ...

2Nd Time Pregnancy- Different from the First?

When your first pregnancy was ideal with no morning sickness, etc, your ... I was really sick the second time around, but only for the first trimester. ...
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  • red raspberry leaf tea in 2 answers "I drank a lot of red raspberry leaf tea for the nausea, and it worked like a charm."
  • loved the bella band in 3 answers "I LOVED the Bella Band - I bought white, nude, and black."
  • congrats on your pregnancy in 3 answers "First I want to say congrats on your pregnancy."
  • never actually got sick in 2 answers "... to my stomach (this was not a problem with my first) but never actually got sick ..."
  • love the bella band in 2 answers "I used both, I love the bella band I used it my entire pregnancy plus post partum ..."