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Period Not Coming Again

I had a period last month for the first time. I am a nursing mom. ... Also when I had my daugther I did not get my first period until she was 10 or 11 ...

Missed Period

When I missed my first period I took a pregnancy test and it said that I "might be" pregnant. It was the one where there's one line if you're not pregnant ...

Post-Delivery Irregular Cycle???

My son is 10 months old (only breastfeeding) and I JUST had my first period. I would say irregularity is the name of the game. I just go with the flow! ...

Period After C-section?

I had my first child vaginally and started my period one month from the day I had her. I was wondering if its different when you have a c-section? ...

When Will Period Cycle Return to Normal?

Sep 22, 2009 ... I weaned my 18 month old daughter about 2 1/2 months ago and got my first period around then, actually about a week before I was completely done nursing her ...

Signs of Pregnancy

If this is your first you may not put all the pieces together until after you miss your first period. I hadn't even relized I missed my period with the ...

Mirena IUD

I bled/spotted for the first 4 months of having it then I had a period for 2 weeks...then went 6 weeks w/o a period then when it came it was more spotting ...

Got My Period as I'm Weaning Breastfeeding

I got my first period after only 3 months with both of my children. It did nothing to my milk supply. I had very heavy periods that seemed to last longer ...

How Do I Extend the Time Period Between Feedings?

The first time I did this, it took me over an hour to feed him. It took about a week, but the feedings .... her first period · breastfeeding frequency ...

Seeking Advice 12 Year Old Getting/then Not Getting Her Period

Read all 5 responses: "My 12 year old got her first period in June, they came every month on the 3rd of the month - perfect timing. Now in October nothing.
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  • they all came back negative in 2 answers "... went to the doctor and had them give her tests. They all came back negative."
  • pregnancy test and sure enough in 2 answers "Before we reached 2 weeks I took a pregnancy test and sure enough it said positive."
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