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Upromise Account - Is It Worth It?

Prior to being a mommy I was a secutities licesened assistant for a very successful Financial Planner in Atlanta. Society puts a tremendous amount of ...

Investment Broker Advice

It is definitely worthwhile to have a financial advisor working with you. There's a great book - Values Based Financial Planning by Bill Bachrach - that is ...

Advice Needed for Dividing Value of Property While I Am Living

I would definitely get advice from a lawyer, perhaps someone who specializes in financial planning. This plan should not only leave you in a good situation ...

Money a Huge Problem

Start off with the easiest method first and work your way up to real budgeting and financial planning. Take money out each paycheck and put it into a ...

Party Planner for Children

Sep 3, 2009 ... Read all 8 responses: "Anyone know of an event planner for children's parties in ... Need Help Finding a Financial Planner and Trust Lawyer ...

Striking a Balance Between Saving and Spending

Oct 21, 2009 ... financial planner in 4 answersI would suggest you sit down with a ... I follow the advice I received in financial planning courses and from ...

Do You Think That Finance Issues Cause Divorce

I would say the financial difficulties can compound other issue due to the .... leaving me to handle all of the bills and to do all financial planning ...

2 Kids Vs. Trying for 3

Jul 18, 2009 ... I know you dont want to think about the financial aspect but I will tell you that my older ..... business financial planning · child rearing ...

Need to Budget!

You don't need fancy software or a financial planner for that. You can use Excel or even just do it on paper. Make a chart for each month that shows you ...

529 College Savings Plan?

I would really check with a financial planner regarding the 529 plan. Ours was not very hip on these as there are other vehicles to contribute to that won't ...
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