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Auto Finance--Do We Have ANY Rights??

J.H. asks from Dallas

Hi Everyone! I need help. First, I'm not sure what's wrong with me, I've been feeling yucky (stomach) and I'm SO emotional right now. (hope I'm not pregnant!) B...


"Finance Major" Colleges in Chicago Land Area

M.G. asks from Chicago

I need advice about which colleges have good Finance Major undergrad programs in Chicago land area


Do You Think That Finance Issues Cause Divorce

R.M. asks from Atlanta

I am curious of what other women are saying in regards to finances and marriage. Do you think thta Finance issues lead to more divorce?


My Husband Is in Finance. He Is Brilliant. Lost His Job in 2011.

H.K. asks from Missoula

Started his own mutual fund. Told me "all will be fine", "we might struggle for a few years". Well, now it's 6 years later. He went through his entire IRA. 600,00...


Personal Loan

C.V. asks from Kansas City

My Husband and I are very excited because we have decided to move forward with a tubal reversal! The only problem is that the Doctor I picked,her practice does not fi...


Personal Finance / Budgeting Book or Course?

H.A. asks from San Francisco

Hi there, My husband and I are having a terrible time keeping our finances in order. I did just fine before we were married, but somehow together we're very disorg...


Messed up Marriage - Help Me to Get Hold of Finance

M.M. asks from San Francisco

Thanks to all who answered my post and encouraged me ..those who haven't here's my situation...I have 3 special need kids and I stay home...I found out that my husban...


Advice on Finance in Prenatal Care and Delivery

A.Y. asks from Atlanta

Hi I'm 5 weeks pregnant and found out that my insurance does not cover prenatal care. I'm a "mom in the middle" who is not qualify for public governmental assistant,...


I Need Some Straight Up, Personal Opinions....

L._. asks from San Diego

Here's the scenario... Daughter, 21 years old, on the job for 6 months, has had first review and received GLOWING reports and was appropriately rewarded on the job...


What's the Best Software for Home Finance Tracking?

P.G. asks from Dallas

I know about Quicken, etc., but was wondering if that's the most user friendly, easiest for tax professionals, etc., or if there's something better. Are the online...

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