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Weight Watchers

Has anyone tried or had success w/ Weight Watchers? I was considering joining b/ c it kinda fits my lifestyle w/ the points and they have a lot of pre-made ...

The HCG Diet

If you want to check it out you can look it up online he is pretty well respected for ... Just type in Weight watchers points for....and you'll find it. ...

What Is a "Bowl"

Nov 2, 2009 ... But I went to put in my points and the little Weight Watchers thing ... If there is no label (like if you go out), then count the points on ...

Weight Watchers Books

I am looking for someone who as the Weight Watchers books.... you know from the joining kit that ... Weight Watchers How Do You Figure Out How Many Points ...

Slim4Life - Have You Tried It and What's It Like?

I have been trying Weight Watchers online and am not having any luck. ... I didn 't work out a ton while doing WW just basically counted the points and was ...

Okay Ladies, I Have No Will Power over Sweets

I am still eating my weight watchers sweets, which satisfied my sugar craving and is only 2 points! ... If you deprive yourself, you'll get to the point where you have to have ... Even my 5yr old boy that weighs 40lbs loves to help out. ...

Seeking Moms Who Have Tried Weight Watchers

I am on weight watchers now and have lost 12 lbs in six weeks. ... If you are interested in finding out about another program that follows medical protocols ...

Nutrisystem or Medifast?

No gimmicks or website or points. No supplements are necessary although it helps to ... Figuring one exercise time on the weekend when hubby/family/friends are .... If you are going to do a diet - weight watchers is the only one I might ... but it takes a while to put on weight and get out of shape - HOW in the ...

I Need Some Ideas to Help Me Lose 100 Lbs

Aug 27, 2009 ... I think you can get some good recipes off of the weight watchers website too, ... I always feel so much better and even get to the point that I can't wait to go. ... The fun part is figuring out what you are burning. ...

Weight Watcher Friendly Recipes

Aug 28, 2009 ... How about for a special treat weight watchers cake recipe 12 oz of ... I would calculate it for you but the ww site is down now Bun 1 point ...
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  • drink tons of water in 2 answers "... does, just try to stay in a routine as much as possible. Drink tons of water."
  • crave sweets in 2 answers "the one with weight loss explains why people don't loose weight and crave sweets is ..."
  • least 30 minutes in 3 answers "Walking is the best way to start excercising. At least 30 minutes of cardio a day ..."
  • weight watchers in 5 answers "I think you can get some good recipes off of the weight watchers website too, even ..."
  • nutri system in 2 answers "I would recommend Metabolic Research over medi-fast or Nutri-system."