fever spots on face

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He woke with a fever at 4 Am Thursday morning. He's very cranky and has cut his. .." ... Persistent Fever and Red Spots on Face ...

Hand/Mouth/Foot Disease

It helped keep Pete more comfortable and his fever down. .... Rash and Fever in 16 Month Old · 25 · Persistent Fever and Red Spots on Face ...


Aug 18, 2009 ... I was diagnosed with Cellulitis on the side of my face 3days ago. ... As we walked back, I noticed a red spot about the size of a .... high fever, weakness, then you absolutely need to go back to the ER without delay. ...

Daughter with Rash on Face, Anybody Know What It Is?

No fever, no symptoms at all. This evening she has developed..." ... It doesn't bother her at all, it's not raised, just mini little red spots. ...

Hot Spots and Lymph Nodes!

I noticed that the back of his head is unusually hot, like a fever..." ... My daughter has dry skin/ezema and hot spots on her face and head, sometimes. ...

5 Month Old Spotty Rash

Sep 18, 2009 ... I've called the doctor and since he hasn't had any fever, ... Babies have lots of rashes, spots an dots, if there are no signs of illness, no fever, .... My daughter had a rash on her face and then body when we ...

Allergic Red Blotches from Amoxicillan

The spots that started Friday (and turned into nasty red blotches) have .... she had a fever, but she had itchy red bumps all over and her face was swollen ...

101 Fever for a Week

When the fever subsided, he broke out with a red rash all over his face. ..... having the vaccine and he only had a few spots and a low grade fever but no ...

No More Fever, Thanks for the Advise.

When he wouldn't tolerate a tub, I used a cool wash cloth and dabbed the "hot spots" ~ his temples, neck and armpits. This brought the fever down rather ...

Brown Spots on Body....

Jun 6, 2009 ... My 20 month old son has gotten these brown spots all over his torso. .... Daughter with Rash on Face, Anybody Know What It Is? ...
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