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Persistent Fever and Red Spots on Face

Could be Roseola, my daughter (10 mths) had it 2 weeks ago... very high fever 103-104 for 3-4 days with no other symptoms. She did break out in a rash on ...

Toddler with High Fever

My son was 18 months old when he had a high fever for a few days with no other symptoms. He ended up having a kidney infection. Of course if your daughter ...

Runny Nose and Cough Related to Teething?

Or is she sick? She has no other symptoms. Will a humidifier help? ... If the runny nose is clear, and there is no fever, I would say Teething. ...

My 2 Year Old Daughter Keeps Getting Fevers Why?

Does your daughter have any other symptoms? Does she eat well, sleep well? Good luck with this! Helpful? .... 2 year old molar · high fever no other symptom ...


I was very happy she was better, but thought it was odd for her to have a fever with no other symptoms and then it just mysteriously went away? ...

Very Sick 4 Year Old

He had no other symptoms but the fever. It is very frustrating because we ... If he shows no other symptoms except the fever you might consider some sort of ...

Cough with No Other Symptoms

Sep 28, 2009 ... He has no other symtons with the cough, no runny nose, easr ache, sore throat, fever, he never complains of feeling ill in anyway, ...

Strep Throat, Fever and Continuing HEADACHES in My 4 Year Old -- ADVICE?

My son had strep once and got a fever and a rash all over his body- no sore throat. How weird is that? .... My 3Yrs Old Having Fever Without Other Symptoms ...

Does Your Child Have a "Summer Virus"?

As long as her fever stays down and there are no other symptoms it sounds to me like you are doing all the right things. Hopefully the worst is over and she ...

My Son Has Another fever...How Often Do Toddlers Get Fevers?

My youngest son used to get fevers "out of nowhere" with no other symptoms. When there is a fever, it means that their body is fighting something. ...
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  • post nasal drip in 2 answers "Perhaps he has post nasal drip from not being able to properly digest dairy foods."
  • sounds like roseola in 5 answers "I am not a dr but sounds like roseola L."
  • headaches and stomach aches in 2 answers "... of when my kids come down with a fever and complain of headaches & stomach aches."
  • had strep many times in 2 answers "V., My 6 year old son has had strep many times."
  • terrible runny nose in 2 answers "When my daughter was teething, she would get a terrible runny nose and diarrhea."