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3 1/2 Year Old with Tonsillitis, High Fever Since Friday

Oh, DO NOT give aspirin to a child with fever. Tylenol and ibuprofen are perfect . Asprin can cause a very serious condition. ...

My Son Has a Fever with No Other Symptoms.

There will always be bugs going around...either one child or another has a runny nose or a cough, or a low-grade fever or an ear ache. ...

My Son Has a High Fever and We Are on the 4Th Day...

It Will pass and your child will have gone through a transformation. Remember you definitely do not want the fever to remain too high, and you can always ...

Fever and Tylenol Vs. Advil

It works very well to keep the fever down. I heard some bad things about Advil for children and don't think i would ever use it. It's also very hard to get ...

Fever Whoas!

Bloodwork isn't routinely done when a child has a fever, but in cases where they need to know the cause, a quick CBC (blood count) can determine bacterial ...

Fever & Unexplained Rash

On the down side a high fever is part of the virus (she had 102.9 at the doctors !!!) so she's going to be a bit .... fever virus in children · 2 year fever ...

Fevers in Three-year-old

Aug 17, 2009 ... If there is no other symptoms but the fever they have told me to ... in mind that a fever means your child is fighting off something and ...

Fever - How High to Call Call Doctor

The drs at Childrens, Medical City and my Ped said to NEVER put a child with a fever in cold/cool bath......wash cloths w/cool water MAYBE, but never a bath ...

Daughter W/ Fever and Not Urinating...

To me it sounds exactly like what I went through as a child. The urinary tube gets blocked and then u get fever. The antibotics may not help at all. ...

Swimming Causing Colds and Fever

Swimming Causing Colds and Fever. My two year old was in a swim class ... Well when children play in the water in pools, water goes up sometimes from the ...
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  • high fever with no other symptoms in 2 answers "... because it ruptured, or because he spiked a high fever with no other symptoms."
  • had a fever with no other symptoms in 2 answers "... definately take him in... my youngest sister had a fever with no other symptoms ..."
  • let it run its course in 2 answers "... you are still concerned but as long as the fever is low, let it run its course."
  • low grade fever in 3 answers "... either one child or another has a runny nose or a cough, or a low-grade fever ..."
  • trust your gut in 2 answers "I say he is probably okay, but you always have to trust your gut feeling."