fever and red spots on face

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11 Mo Old Son Has Bumpy Rash

your son may have had a fever a few weeks back. It really sounds like hand foot mouth, and I just spoke with my ..... Persistent Fever and Red Spots on Face ...

Is It Just Roseola?

I took her in to the doc just to confirm that it was not scarlet fever (because she had strep throat 2 weeks .... Persistent Fever and Red Spots on Face ...

Is It Roseola?

She started off with a fever and throwing up, then it went away and 2 days later she had red spots all over her face, back and belly and had a red sore ...

Unusual Rash on My 2 Year Old

They can cause red spots that move from place to place and you can .... this rash. it normally starts on the face (but not always)and spreads to the trunk ... for scarlet fever? that also produces a rash and fever? and a red tongue and ...

Daughter with Rash on Face, Anybody Know What It Is?

No fever, no symptoms at all. This evening she has developed a rash above her ... It doesn't bother her at all, it's not raised, just mini little red spots. ...

HELP!!!!! We THINK My 3 Year Old Has HIVES!

Red spots always start in the groin/belly area, then spread to the extremities and face. It can take up to a week for them to diminish. ...

Rash from Head to Toe

Is it very red on his face but like pin pricks on the rest of his body & feel like sandpaper?? That is scarlet fever. My son just had it. ...

Is There Some Kind of Virus Going Around?

My 5yo came home with a mild fever yesterday and she complained of neck pain. The fever broke during the night. ... Persistent Fever and Red Spots on Face ...

Warm Rash on Hands and Forearms Suddenly Appeared

He had a head to toe rash & low fever. If he got hot or ran around too .... I had a problem with red burning hands which finally resulted in blisters like a burn. .... Next question: Daughter with Rash on Face, Anybody Know What It Is? ...


Aug 18, 2009 ... I was diagnosed with Cellulitis on the side of my face 3days ago. ... As we walked back, I noticed a red spot about the size of a .... high fever, weakness, then you absolutely need to go back to the ER without delay. ...
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