feels like an eyelash in my eye

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Pink Eye

T.K. asks from Chicago

I think that I might have pink eye, I woke up this morning with goopies on my top and bottom eyelashes and my eye is all pink. It just doesn't really hurt it feels u...


Daughter's Eye Keeps Hurting

A.C. asks from Detroit

For the past month my 3 yr. old will suddenly cry that her right eye hurts. It is always the right eye, it tears up, and the pain always seems to be sudden and intens...


4Yr old..eye Surgery

J.I. asks from Fort Myers

My son has worn glasses most of his life due to a lazy eye-eye muscle not strong enough. I was told this is pretty common. He is sch. For eye surgery &I am extremly n...


My Eye Is Bothering Me, Allergies?

C.S. asks from Charlotte

For the past 2 days my right eye has really been bothering me. I get a tickling feeling off and on on my eyeball near my pupil. It is also red in the same area. I don...


Feels like There Is Always Something in My Eyes

L.J. asks from Portland

For the past several months my eyes have been feeling like there is something in there. An eyelash or a grain of dirt or something. Sometimes they weep and sometime...


My 17 Mo Daughter Has a "Stye"

A.R. asks from Boca Raton

My 17 mo daughter has a stye. She has had a wild white eyelash hair on the bottom lid (that grows) since she was born. When we 1st noticed that her eye lid was a li...


Daughter Is Pulling Out Her Eyelashes

M.P. asks from San Antonio

My daughter just turned 7 years old. She was diagnosed with epilepsy in February and her seizures have pretty much come to a stop with her medication. She hasn't ha...


Posting on Facebook--Help Me with This Please

M.C. asks from Detroit

Moms, I have a dear friend who has raised her granddaughter since birth. The girl is now 14. I'm close to the family and know everyone well. Well, there has be...


Stye in 23Month Old

M.P. asks from Charlotte

Okay my 23month old developed this small lump in his upper inner eyelid about a 6weeks ago. It doesnt seem to bother him and i thought it would just go away on its ow...


Does Your Husband Have Annoying Habits?

K.J. asks from Nashville

Earlier I vented about how my husband never rinses the kitchen sink when he is finished and how he always spills red kool aid on the counter and doesn't clean it up t...

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